Felipe Otondo ‘Tutuguri’


This is Chilean composer Felipe Otondo’s first collection of his most significant works to date. The four pieces included here are the result of collaborations with dancers, interviews with Zapotec-speaking women, sonic explorations of the Javanese gamelan and field recordings carried out in Mexico and India.

Irama is based on rhythmic principles found in Javanese Gamelan music. Premiered at a INA/GRM concert in Paris, it received the first prize at the 2012 Quartz Radio France International competition and has been shortlisted to represent the United Kingdom at the 2014 ISCM World Music Days in Wroclaw, Poland. Teocalli is inspired by a novel by Argentinian writer Julio Cortázar and evokes a dream-like state where past Aztec sacrifice rituals merge with modern-day sounds of Mexico City’s streets. Ciguri received the first prize at the 2008 Città di Udine International Composition Competition in Italy. It references the writings of Antonin Artaud among the Tarahumara Indians in Mexico and is structured around different states of consciousness stemming from a Peyote religion ritual. Finally, Sarnath uses as a basis field recordings from various Buddhist pilgrimage sites in India. These field recordings made by Francis Booth include bells, drums and chants from the places where the Buddha lived and taught throughout his life.

The production of this CD has been supported by the Lancaster Institute for the Contemporary Arts of Lancaster University, Lancaster, UK.

Mastering: Darren Wood


1. IRAMA – 9:33

2. TEOCALLI – 10:41

3. CIGURI – 9:19

4. SARNATH – 9:13

Also available as downloads:

Tutuguri - Felipe Otondo

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