Joseph Anderson ‘Epiphanie Sequence’



Several opportunities draw Joseph Anderson to composing for the acousmatic art; He names these as the abstract-musical, the musical-programmatic and the phonographic-concrete. Within the ‘Epiphanie Sequence’ they are tied tightly together and may be somewhat difficult to untwine. While the three works here are very much concerned with musical textures and gestures, they are also quite taken with turning out and hearing the inside of musical sounds. Much of the abstract-musical material is often merely a re-voicing horizontally, in time, or vertically, in frequency, of these. His three new compositions included on the album are all concerned with exploring sound textures ‘from the inside’, blurring the divide between acoustic and electronic. Each piece uses natural sounds such as gamelan instruments (Kyai Pranaja), Matt Ingalls‘ bass clarinet (Mpingo) and forest/waves/bells (Pacific Slope) as a points of departure before digging deep into those sounds with electronic processing techniques. The result is a dazzling and often humorous journey to the heart and soul of sound.

Matt Ingalls: bass clarinet
Produced by Joseph Anderson – Mastering: Dominique Bassal – Recorded in Ambisonic UHJ Stereo.

1. KYAI PRANAYA (19:45)
2. MPINGO (23:30)
3. PACIFIC SLOPE (26:20)

Also available as downloads:

Epiphanie Sequence - Joseph Anderson

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