Simon Emmerson ‘Points & Pathways’



This album is the second of Sargasso’s 2 part set marking Simon Emmerson long-awaited release of his most important works. Each of these works creates a new context for non-western and early instruments contrasting and expanding on the acoustic sounds with electronic interactions. Pathways, commissioned by the Shiva Nova Ensemble for performance in their Almeida Theatre Series, is an interwoven East-meets-West tapestry where the dialogue between the sitar/tablas and the flute/cello is bonded by the electronics. The Points trilogy features Jane Chapman‘s shimmering harpsichord (Points of Departure) drifting in and out of its electronic alter-ego like an insect flitting across the surface of an initially still pond which becomes increasingly agitated. The ripples spread from the points of contact while the surface of the water reflects a subtly distorted image. In Points of Return the harpsichord is replaced by Inok Paek‘s kayagum, a Korean plucked instrument. Again the electronics weave a shifting landscape around the instrument. The brilliant Time-Space for baroque flute, harpsichord and electronics completes this mesmerising album. Emmerson creates a world where feelings are painted in sound. He looks and listens outwardly to create an extended inner space. It is the synthesis of this divide which he seeks.

Simon Emmerson (live electronics), Nancy Ruffer (flute), Neil Heyde (cello), Clive Williamson (keyboard), Dharambir Singh (sitar), Sarwa Sabri (tablas), Priti Paintal (Shiva Nova director), Jane Chapman (harpsichord), Inok Paek (kayagum), Eleanor Dawson (baroque flute).

Recordings made at City University, London and at the Music Department of Keele University and the Studios of the IMEB (Bourges)

(flute, cello, sitar, tablas, keyboard, live electronics) (19:49)
(harpsichord, kayagum, live electronics) (32:00)
(baroque flute, harpsichord, live electronics) (7:53)

Also available as downloads:

Emmerson: Points and Pathways - Various Artists

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