Vinko Globokar ‘Oblak Semen’



Franco-Slovenian composer and trombonist, Vinko Globokar has been at the forefront of the European avant-garde for the last four decades. His phenomenal virtuoso technique on the trombone first attracted the attention of composers like Stockhausen, Berio, Kagel and others who all wrote for him. Globokar’s cosmopolitan approach, riotous imagination, early interest in jazz and theatrical sense of humour have all combined to produce a series of ground-breaking original works. This album is representative of Globokar’s versatility, starting with Oblak Semen a theatrical trombone solo where Globokar starts playing with only the mouthpiece of the trombone and gradually reconstructs the whole instrument while dancing, playing drums, talking and screaming. Next is Discours IX for 2 pianos performed by the renowned Stenzl Duo. This is the last of Globokar’s ‘Discours’ series where instruments are used as human voices, creating imaginary dialogues. Finally Zlom, a grand-scale piece for 26 musicians. The Orchestra Giovanile Italiana masterfully plays out this drama described by Globokar as “a catastrophe happening in the physical world, but also as a slashing, a tearing of the spirit, a knife slicing through the labyrinth of the deepest intimacy”. From solo to orchestra, Globokar takes the listener into his surreal universe where anything goes (usually with plenty of humour). A rare opportunity to reappraise this cult figure of contemporary music.


Vinko Globokar: trombone – Stenzi Piano Duo: Piano – Orchestra Giovanile ItalianaDeco Zgur: Producer

1. OBLAK SEMEN (15:50)
for tombone solo
2. DISCOURS IX (18:30)
for 2 pianos
3. – 18. ZLOM (22:40)
for 26 instruments

Also available as downloads:

Globokar: Oblak Semen - Vinko Globokar

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