Sargasso is an independent label with a difference. Far from the realms of mainstream commercialism, Sargasso offers the discerning listener an insight into today’s best innovative sounds by established, as well as up-and-coming artists. Since 1993, Sargasso has positioned itself as one of the main UK independent labels of contemporary experimental new music, as well as organiser of the legendary Sargasso:C live events.

Our label is a meeting point of all musical currents and influences, and because Sargasso is artist-led (as opposed to accountant-led), it understands the need for artistic integrity and risk-taking in today’s music industry. Each release can be considered part of a continuing series, a journey of discovery into the vast oceans of contemporary music. Our listeners want more from a label than just the release of unrelated albums. They expect a clear philosophy of musical values which they can come to trust and follow.

All our artists are given total creative freedom and concessions to the commercial mainstream are made only by our artists, and not by those that hold the purse-strings! Sargasso releases faithfully reflect the imaginations of their creators without trying to make the music fit pre-established and often nonsensical categories. Electronic, improvisation, modern, avant-garde, electroacoustic, minimalism, traditional global, ambient, songs, etc are all fused into one sonic flow. The integrity, quality and diversity of Sargasso’s releases are a guarantee against conformism and superficiality.

Sargasso’s role is:
– to act as a filter, selecting what it considers to be the most exciting and interesting new music around
– to allow that music to be heard as widely as possible
– to maintain the artist’s control of their work
– to build the trust of its listeners
– not to give in to fashion, facility or financial pressures.

We hope you will join us.

Take a plunge into the sea of sound…

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