Daniel Biro ‘120 Onetwenty’



One-hour instrumental vintage keyboards suite, 70s style.

Over six years in the making, ‘120 Onetwenty’ is inspired by the 1970s era of sequencer/ synth pioneers (Tangerine Dream, Schulze, Kraftwerk, Vangelis), electric jazzers (Hancock, Corea, Zawinul), progressive experimentalists (Soft Machine, Oldfield, King Crimson) and ambient/ minimalist composers (Reich, Eno, Glass, ECM label). The music is an alchemy of intricate multi-layered pattern-based structures and more abstract improvisatory textures, mapping out a polychromatic journey through meditative, melancholy moods, jazz-inflected, hypnotic grooves and soaring, swirling synth landscapes.

The album is also Biro’s musical ‘Thank You’ note to his only brother Nico who originally introduced him to much of the music he has loved all his life. Sadly, Nico died a few years ago of alcohol-related causes, impelling Biro to cathartically celebrate the musical adventures they had shared together in their youth.

Although the album’s sound is all electronic, the effect is 100{333891d96148ef01d44f9365825be5590e3c20f4cc7e19e36a4c6f4f86153e35} human, mainly due to Biro’s skills as a player but also his use of warm vintage analogue keyboard colours from Moogs, Hammonds, Clavinets and especially his signature sound instrument: the Rhodes electric piano. Whilst capturing the spirit of the heroic days of lengthy instrumentals and ambitious concept albums, ‘120 Onetwenty’ is far from just an exercise in retro-nostalgia. It is first and foremost a very personal and emotional exploration of Biro’s creative universe for everyone to immerse themselves in and enjoy.

Review by progressiverockcentral.com:
“Daniel Biro brings together three of the greatest progressive music traditions: Berlin-style electronics, prog rock synths and jazz fusion keyboards. Throughout 120 Onetwenty, Biro develops transfixing electronic sequences inspired by early Tangerine Dream, Klaus Schulze and other iconic German artists. Additionally, Biro creates awe-inspiring atmospheres and tops it off with memorable synth solos and his signature Rhodes electric piano jazz-rock work.”


  1. Door 3:29
  2. Ancient 8:07
  3. Nimbus 5:08
  4. Itinerarium 5:31
  5. Embark 5:22
  6. Levitator 6:50
  7. Barren 5:49
  8. Immortal 9:31
  9. Returning 9:31
  10. Outside 5:18


All music, keyboards and sounds: Daniel Biro
Produced by: Daniel Biro

Also available as downloads:

Daniel Biro - 120 Onetwenty

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