Juan JG Escudero ‘Offene Umgebung’



Sound re-imagined as multi-dimensional geometric objects

These acousmatic pieces are based mainly on improvisatory recordings Escudero made and their transformations by using methods connected to parallel research work in the fields of geometry, astronomy and formal languages theory. Diverse types of pre-recorded sounds are metamorphosed by using several types of synthesis techniques. The works for solo piano, played by Panayiotis Demopoulos, are based on various specific mathematical methods.

Juan J. G. Escudero is a composer and researcher based in Madrid (Spain) where he studied composition with Francisco Guerrero Marín. He has carried out research and teaching activities in mathematics, physics and music technology at various universities. The results of his studies in the fields of algebra, geometry and astronomy – published in scholarly journals and books – have been some of the main guides to formalisation procedures. Harmonisations of aperiodic ordered temporal sequences, which are on the basis of the formal and rhythmic structures play a major role in several of his instrumental and acousmatic works. His music has been selected and programmed in international festivals and concerts in Europe and America.


1. Offene Umgebung [12:11]

Landschaften der Vergangenheit
2. Impromptu J8 [1:08]
3. Impromptu J14 [1:58]
4. Impromptu J9 [2:10]
5. Impromptu J10 [4:05]

6. Zerkalo I [4:32]

…enden nicht in deiner Hand (piano: Panayiotis Demopoulos)
7. Enidh [7:39]
8. Fases [9:35]

9. Como pupila o párpado [13:26]

10. Impromptu CYX1 [4:05]

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